Refund One4Later Payment in Lightspeed

Modified on Wed, 19 Jul 2023 at 10:58 AM


When a transaction needs to be refunded from Lightspeed to One4Later, the balance will be refunded back to the card that was used for the original order. 


PLEASE NOTE : If a tab has been topped up since the purchase, the refund will simply add additional funds to the tab.

If a card has been marked deleted, the credit will still apply and the card just stays deleted.  You will need to reactive the card to allow the customer to reuse the tab.

Refund in Lightspeed

1 : Click on the Menu (three lines) next to the Lightspeed logo.

2 : Select HISTORY

3 : Select the sale that you want to process as a refund. Click the REFUND SALE button.

4 : The breakdown of the refund will appear, select REFUND SALE.

5 : Here you can select individual products to refund, or refund all products.

6 : Select the reason for the refund. This will process the refund back to One4Later.

The refund will then appear in POS History. 

It will show the original order and the refunded order, as well as the breakdown of items / value refunded.

View the Refund in One4Later

1 : Click on the SYSTEM button on the top bar > Select TRANSACTIONS from the drop-down box.

2 : To search your preferred date range, select the ADVANCE button and change the date range. Otherwise your refund will be at the top of your transaction list.

3 : The transaction list will show the refund and the original order, one after the other.

4 : To view the payment details, select ORDER DETAILS in the description section on the transaction page. There will be a separate section at the bottom which will show any refunds. 

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