IncentMe Installation and Setup

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IncentMe Print Interceptor Features

The IncentMe Print Interceptor is a simple console application running on a Windows machine.  This machine must be on the same network as the POS but does not have to be running Kounta.  It does need to be on and active throughout your operating hours to be able to capture the print jobs.  If all orders are taken at the counter and paid for immediately then you don't need the print interceptor.


  • all activity is written to a console window, so you can watch what's happening in real-time. We also log all activity to text files in the IncentMe folder for trouble shooting.
  • print requests are stored in separate XML files on the computer under the IncentMe directory. If they are successfully delivered to our IncentMe server, they are stored in a Success folder, otherwise a Failed folder. This means that if our server goes down for any reason, we can still retro-actively upload sales information so staff don't miss out.

Activating IncentMe instance

Once you have requested your instance of IncentMe and have received your confirmation and login details, access IncentMe via:   

Connecting to Kounta

  • Login to IncentMe and go to Admin -> Account
  • In the API Connection section click the button that says Connect to connect to Kounta
  • If you are not logged in to Kounta you will be prompted for your login
  • Select the account you are connecting to
  • Click Authorize Now

    Installation of IncentMe Print Intercepter

    1. From the Windows pc that will be running IncentMe, download the install file from the link below
    2. Create a folder under c:/Program Files called IncentMe and extract/unzip these files into it
    3. There are two files:
      1. the configuration file (IncentMePrintListener.exe). This is where you need to type in the IP address of your Epson Intelligent printer
      2. the application file (IncentMePrintListener). This is the program that sends the print jobs to the printer
    4. Once the files have been unzipped. Open the configuration file.  If you are prompted to select an application to open it with select NotePad.
    5. Enter the ip address of your Epson Intelligent Printer between the quotes in the line that says SmartPrinterIPAddress.
    6. Enter the url of the IncentMe server,, in the line below.
    7. Close the file and confirm to save the changes.  
    8. Next, run the configuration file by Right-clicking and selecting to 'Run as administrator' to start. You may be prompted by Windows to allow the program - click "Allow"
    9. When the IncentMe console loads, it will tell you what IP address it is listening on.  This is the ip address of the Windows pc.  The IncentMe console needs to be running at all times so do not close it.

Update Kounta (you’re nearly there!)

  1. Log into Kounta and go to your site record and select Printers.
  2. Under the Production Printing Setting update the Intelligent Printer IP address with the value displayed by the IncentMe console.
  3. Save your printer settings and sync each of your registers.
  4. Test sending something to your printers and confirm that they are printing correctly.
  5. Log in to IncentMe:
  6. Go to Reports -> Order History to confirm that you can see your order.


Run as administrator automatically

We suggest you change the settings on the IncentMe console to always run as admin to ensure it starts smoothly each day.

Right click on the IncentMePrintListener.exe console.

Automatically starting

You can also configure the computer to start our software automatically when the machine starts each day. To do this:

  • hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press 'R'. This opens the 'Run' command
  • type "shell:startup" (without quotes)
  • a new Windows Explorer folder pops up. Right-click anywhere in the folder and select 'New shortcut'. Select the path to the executable file you unzipped above

Note that if multiple people use this computer, each will need to perform the step above.

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