Release Notes 15/10/2018

Modified on Mon, 15 Oct 2018 at 02:30 PM

We've added webhooks to all accounts currently connected to Kounta so you don't need to do anything for your existing clients however you will need to add new webhooks with new clients you set up.

How it works

What happens now is Kounta fires off a webhook event to IncentMe whenever an order is created or deleted. We process these webhooks every minute by fetching the order information from Kounta and syncing any relevant information like products, staff & customers etc. For your clients, the order history is more up to date with orders coming in every minute.

Nightly synchronisation 

We have kept our existing API sync task and now run it overnight. This acts as a fallback mechanism in the event that we don't receive a webhook for whatever reason. It also means that for accounts that don't have webhooks set up, they will still receive their daily orders each night.

Adding webhooks

Once a client has been authorised with Kounta, webhooks can be added for receiving completed as well as deleted orders. Once set, there are no further actions required and webhooks are processed automatically Here's the Admin section view:

We can look at automating the creation of webhooks however it might be better to roll that into improving a self-serving onboarding experience. Prompts to connect Kounta, sync historic orders, messaging while orders are being synced (can take some time), set up your first incentive, product tour etc..

Other fixes released

  • Reduced the number of calls for syncing customer and staff records
  • Implemented some API throttling due to Kounta limits
  • Date/time issue with creating new Incentives

Keen to hear about your experience. We'll continue monitoring and tweaking as we're still hitting some API limits here and there.

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