Release Notes - 03/04/2024

Modified on Wed, 24 Apr 2024 at 11:28 AM

1. Bulk top-up
You can now top up every card in the card list at once. In the Cards view you will now see a "Top-up all" button and a new "Top-up capable only" filter for said list which will filter out all non-tab cards and also unlimited tabs for obvious reasons.

If the filter hasn't already been applied, clicking the "Top-up all" button will automatically apply the filter and request to re-check the list before continuing. Similarly to the normal top-up button it will request an amount to top up each card and the reason for doing so. Then an automatic task will begin to top up each card.  Note:  The top up reason is mandatory and the top up won't proceed without a reason.


It goes without saying that this process will top up every single card in the list so you will need to be careful with this and make sure your filters and search field are correct.

2.Offer expiry date
An expiry date can now be added to certain types of offers - currently BuyXGetY and BuyXGetYDollars. In the Offer Editor you will now see a toggle indicating whether you want this offer to expire or not, turning this on will display a date-picker for you to select the date and time of expiry. Remember to save after making any changes.

This will simply not allow any more points to accumulate on this offer at purchase time after the expiry date has lapsed. It wont delete the card so if the offer is updated to have a later expiry date or it's removed entirely, existing cards will start accumulating points again.

3.Person date of birth
You can now add a DOB to a person record in the Person Editor. Pretty self-explanatory, just a date-picker to select and remember to save. Currently this field isn't being used anywhere but will be able to be used in conjunction with Offer rules in the future.

A DateofBirth field has been added to the Bulk Person Import. The correct format for importing birth dates is YYYY/MM/DD. The validation can't tell if the DD and MM are swapped so if an entered date is capable of being formatted correctly it will be uploaded as such. So if someone's birthday is 10th January 1985 but the date passed is "1985/10/01" instead of "1985/01/10", the system will interpret that as 1st October 1985. 

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