Processing Kounta Gift Vouchers

Modified on Mon, 26 Aug, 2019 at 1:43 PM

Gift Vouchers

Kounta now allows you to process gift vouchers within the POS.  You can sell a voucher, redeem a voucher and top up a voucher.

These steps show you how to process a new voucher purchase.

  1. Log in to the Kounta back office. From the Add Ons enable Kounta Gift Cards
  2. Before selling a voucher you need to upload your voucher codes.  Click on the configuration link to upload your voucher codes.  If you have pre-printed vouchers with a unique number for each you can upload these or generate a set of codes from the configuration page.
  3. To sell a voucher.  From the POS go to Menu -> Add Ons -> Gift Cards -> Kounta Gift to sell a new voucher, check the customers’ balance or top up an existing card.
  4. Enter the number of the gift voucher that you are selling, checking or topping up and click confirm.

  5. To add funds to a voucher click Add Funds, enter the amount to be added to the voucher and process the payment from the Gifter.

  6. On the POS you will now get a new payment type called Kounta Gift that is used when a customer is redeeming a voucher.
  7. Put an order through as normal and then on check out click Kounta Gift.  You will be prompted for the reference code of the voucher.
  8. Once entered and confirmed you will get a confirmation that the payment has been confirmed.

  9. If the voucher amount available is less than the total sale the order will remain open for the customer to pay the balance.

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