Types Of Offers

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One4Later has five types of offers available

Buy X, Get Y | Get X Free | Spend $X, Get $Y Credit | Gift Voucher | Tab

Once offers have been set up, this will let cashiers know that an offer is available for product/s when an eligible customer is added to a sale.

Buy X, Get Y 

Buy X, Get Y is the most commonly used offer available on One4Later.

It is provides you an electronic loyalty card where customers purchase a certain amount of selected products to receive a selected product for free.

Additionally, these types of offers can be set up to  Auto-Assign and Auto-Renew for customers.

Example : An electronic coffee card offer - Buy 9 Coffees, Get 1 Free.  

Get X Free  

Get X Free Offers can be assigned to customers for a variety of different reasons. 

Credit, Give a customer X Free items if there is a credit owed to them or in place of a $ credit.

Prepaid Product/s, Get X Free can be assigned to a customer that has prepaid one or more products.

Gift to Another Customer, Get X Free can be created when one customer wants to gift a product to another customer. 

Example : A customer wants to gift a bottle of wine to another customer, they are unsure which bottle the giftee will choose, so a Get X Free Offer is set up to apply to a selection of wine which the giftee can choose from.

Spend $X, Get $Y Credit

Spend $X, Get $Y Credit Offer can be assigned to customers to receive a store credit once they spend a certain amount.

This can be a one time offer or an ongoing offer. 

Example : A store promotes a Spend $X, Get $Y Credit for all new customers. 

New customers need to spend $10 to get a $5 Credit. This is Auto-Assigned to all new customers, but NOT Auto-Renewed.

Once the initial offer has been redeemed, a second offer can take effect. This offer is an ongoing offer for all customers.

Customers need to Spend $100 to get a $5 store credit. This offer is Auto-Assigned to all new customers and is Auto-Renewed. The credit would accumulate over time.

Gift Voucher

A Gift Voucher is where you create an offer that has a set value. When this is assigned to a customer, they can use this voucher to pay part or all of the sale on POS.  A Gift Voucher can be topped up via the POS using the Lightspeed Gift Card add on.

Gift Vouchers can be created using a Gift Voucher Offer or Store Credit Offer.


A Tab is a set limit assigned to a customer which is then invoiced separately.

Events/Functions, a customer is hosting an event at your establishment and wants to open a Tab for a set value. 

Member, a member at your organisation wants to charge their visit/s to their account and be invoiced separately.

Set Value, a customer can open a Tab to a set value. The customer can spend these funds on their account but can also exceed the set amount to a limit defined by you.

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