Completing a Stock Count

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Kounta Stock Count

Inventory in Kounta is used to track how much of a bulk product is used when a product is sold through the POS.  It is often easy to start with items you buy in such as bottled drinks and meat then build up to the entire menu.

If you haven’t loaded your full recipes into Kounta you can still use the Stock component of the Inventory module to run your stock counts and understand your stock on hand.

Enabling Inventory

Inventory is free under the all plans.
 To enable follow these steps

  1. Tap Sites

  2. Select your Site

  3. Choose Inventory

  4. Tap Enable

Once enabled 2 new tabs called Purchases and Stocktake will show on your Site Level horizontal menu




Running a Stock Count

The following these steps you can perform a stocktake, once submitted a stocktake will update your current stock levels to whatever you declare, if you do not declare a field there will be no change.

  1. Login to Kounta using your email address and password.

  2. Go to your Site by click on My Sites then select the site you want (if multiple sites are associated with your account)

  3. Tap on the Stock Count tab

  4. Tap Create New Stock Count  

  5. If you have populated the tags field in your products to identify if they are a stock item then enter one or more of these tags to filter the stock list if you want, or leave it empty if you want all products.

  6. Click Generate New Stock Count. 

  7. In the Tag field enter the tag you have flagged for filtering your items – ie Stock.

  8. You will now have a listing of products to count

  9. For each item you are counting simply enter the amount you count into the Counted column.  If you are not counting it leave it empty.


As you enter the counted amounts you will see any variances calculated in the Variance Qty and Cost Variance columns.

  1. Once you have finished declaring all the items you want to update, press Save. This will immediately update your stock numbers. 

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