Setting up Inventory

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Kounta Inventory

Inventory in Kounta is used to track how much of a bulk or stock product is used when a product is sold through the POS. It is often easy to start with items you buy in such as bottled drinks and meat then build up to the entire menu.
If you make a base product such as bread that is used in one or more dishes sold through the POS then you will add your inventory components to the bulk product as well.

Enabling Inventory

Inventory is free under all plans. As part of your setup it should already be enabled but you can check following these steps:

  1. Tap Sites or My Site

  2. Select your Site

  3. Choose Inventory

  4. Tap Enable

Once enabled 2 new tabs called Purchases and Stocktake will show on your Site Level horizontal menu


Entering Inventory for items you buy in

The first step is to update the bulk items you buy in.  This process assumes you have already added the bulk products to your products list.   

  1. Login to Kounta using your email address and password.
  2. Click on the Products icon
  3. Search for a product that you buy in and open it.
  4. Click on the Accounting tab and select whether you buy, sell and/or stock this item.  You can select any or all of these.  If you buy in a bottle of wine for example that you also sell on your menu then you will buy, sell and stock this item.  If it is a 25kg bag of flour then you will buy and stock this item but not sell it.  You can also add in the account codes if you are integrating you POS with your accounting system.

  1. Next, click on the Inventory tab.
  2. The default settings for all products is that they are Purchased in Individual.  If you have any products that fit this criteria then you don’t need to do anything with them.  If however, you have products such as wine, you buy in a box of 12, then you need to update the purchase details as per the image below.

  3. Save and close the product.

Entering inventory for products you make

For products you make in house, whether that is a class of wine or eggs on toast, then the following steps will take you through how to set these items up in your menu.

  1. Select a product that you make ie, glass of wine and click on the Inventory tab.
  2. Change the This product is purchased to This product is Made here.
  3. Click Add Component
  4. Select each of the bulk products you buy in that make up this product.
  5. Now this is where you mathematics skills come in!  In the quantity field enter the amount of the bulk product used in this product.  The following screens show you some examples.

    Glass of Wine:  a standard pour of wine is 150ml and the standard bottle of wine is 750ml.  So the quantity of a standard glass is 0.2 of a bottle. Which is calculated by 150/750 = 0.2


Eggs on Toast: If a serving of eggs on toast uses two eggs and two pieces of bread spread with butter you would enter the following.  

Eggs:  If eggs are purchased in a carton of 7 trays of 30 then you have 210 eggs in total.   If your dish uses 2 eggs then you would calculate 2/210 = 0.0095

Toast:  If you buy your bread in loaves and there are 20 slices in a loaf then you calculate 2/20 = 0.1

Butter: If your toast is spread with approximately 1 teaspoon (5gms) of butter per slice and you buy your butter in 500gm blocks then you would use 5/500 = 0.01


So, your inventory settings would look like this:


  1. Once you have added in all your components save your product.
  2. To automatically calculate the cost of your products you can add in your purchase orders for your suppliers.  See our next guide on adding purchase orders to do this.


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