Create a Get X Free Offer

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Get X Free Offer

Get X Free Items can be assigned to customers for a variety of different reasons. 

Credit, Get X Free can be assigned to a customer if there is a credit owed by your company.

Prepaid Product/s, Get X Free can be assigned to a customer that has prepaid one or more products.

Gift to Another Customer, Get X Free can be created when one customer wants to gift a product to another customer. Example : one customer wants to gift a bottle of wine to another customer, they are unsure which bottle the giftee will choose, so a Get X Free Offer is set up to apply to a selection of wine which the giftee can choose from.

How to create a Get X Free Offer

1 : To add a Get X Free Offer click on the OFFERS button on the top bar.


2 :  Click the NEW button on the right hand side.

3 : Offer Type, select the offer type from the drop-down. Select Get X Items Free > Click SELECT THIS TYPE button.

4 : Input offer details - Name | Connect To | Auto-Renew | Auto-Assign

Name : A unique name for your offer

Connect To : POS System Site - if you have multiple venues you can create different offers for each site.

Auto-Renew : This is if you would like this offer to renew once it has been redeemed

Auto-Assign : Assign this offer to new customers automatically.  If you choose not to auto-assign the offer will need to be manually allocated to customers.

Once all the information is complete, click on NEXT : Create Rule

5 : Next add in the number value for how many free items the customer will receive. Once value has been added select NEXT - ADD PRODUCTS

6 :  In the PRODUCTS section, add the products needed for this offer.


Select the button for ‘All product purchases will count towards this offer’ 

WITHOUT EXCEPTION - this will allocate all products available 

EXCEPT FOR - this will allocate all products ‘except for’ the products you search for in this section.


Select the button for ‘Only count purchases for the following product’. 

Search for the products needed for this offer in the search bar.

Each product will be added to the offer and listed in this section.

Once all products are added - select SAVE.

PLEASE NOTE - usually a Get X Free Offer is used for selected products within a value range. It would be most common to use the ‘Only count purchases for following product’ option.


Once the card has been created, you can allocate this to customers.

If you want to assign the offer to all customers, under AUTO-ASSIGN TO NEW CUSTOMERS, there is the option to CLICK HERE TO ASSIGN THEM ALL NOW.



Once the offer has been allocated to a customer, you will be able to view the CARDS usage.

Select the CARDS tab (next to Details|Products) to see a breakdown of the usage of this offer.

Each transaction is listed show the following; PERSON| DATE | OFFER | CODE | STATUS

To see more information on a particular transaction, select the transaction to bring up the details.

This will show the breakdown of how this offer has been used, based on;


In the ACTIVATIONS section, each transaction is listed showing the DATE | TIME | PRODUCT/S | POINT ALLOCATION

Find out how to REDEEM A GET X FREE OFFER in POS.

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